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Cleaned Range Brass All brass is mixed headstamp and may contain a percentage of nickel plated

.38 Spl $ 60/1,000
.45ACP $ 95/1,000 (small primer)
.45ACP $ 105/1,000 (large primer)
.357 Mag $ 140/1,000

Also, Camdex processed 9mm, .40S&W and .223 brass available

HST and shipping extra. SASS membership required for these rates

Contact: Brian Norris

Firearm Engraving
Restoration and original engraving by Master Engraver Bruce Bradshaw.
See Bruce Bradshaw Gun Engraver or email or call 416 546 2470

For Sale

Pair of Uberti Cattleman, .357/.38, 4-3/4″ barrel
Case hardened frame, blued barrel and cylinder
Trigger pull lightened
Improved sight picture with gold paint on sight
Backstops hand engraved
Photos on request
$900 shipping included.
Contact Kactus Kat

Very nice IGA coach gun. 12 gauge. 20″ barrels, 2 chokes, double trigger. Nickel finish.
$625 shipped. Located in Toronto

Contact Joseph Mester at 647 864 3148 or

Cleaning up from my single action days
Winchester large pistol primers 10 boxes of 1,000 = 10,000 primers
IMR Trail Boss 9oz jars X 9 jars
Wax bullets .45 colt blue 4 bags at 500/bag, and 750 orange
Firewater to clean the barrel after wax bullets – 8oz
All this for only $700

Contact Mike Arsenault at 905 902 5096 or

Brand new 1892 Winchester Large Loop Carbine
.357, 20″ barrel
Looking for fast sale – $1,600 OBO


New – S&W 460 10 5/8” barrel .460 S&W calibre
Performance Centre

Pietta Heritage Rough Rider SAA Combo 6 ½” barrel
.22lr / .22 WRM

S&W 27-9 6 ½” barrel, ½ lug, .357 Mag, blue

S&W 686-1 PPC Full lug 5 7/8” barrel
Wichita rib and sights, 4 position rear

Ruger New Model Blackhawk, 6 ½” barrel, .41 Mag

Contact Gary Howe, aka Cactus Jack 519 573 1873

Pair of Pietta 1873 SAA Millenium Revolvers in .38/.357 Magnum with 5 1/2″ barrels

These revolvers have less than 1000 rounds each. I am switching to .45 Colt so I can shoot cowboy and Wild Bunch with the same caliber. Less to reload :o)
I will include 990 rounds of Cowboy Action light loaded ammunition in .357 magnum (700 rounds is Black Hills factory ammo, 290 light loads made by me).
Asking $1,100 firm for the whole lot. Buyer to pay shipping or could meet at Guelph, Sydenham or Barrie Clubs after transfer is approved.
Or buy just the revolvers for $800 plus shipping.
Valid RPAL is a must

Contact Quarter Horse Kid

Pair of Pietta pistols
.357/.38sp, 4 5/8″ barrel,
Case hardened frame, smooth wood grips

Contact Easy Rider at
or telephone (705) 728-1473

Uberti 1866 Win. Yellow Boy Sporting Rifle 45 Colt, 20″ barrel.
New in the box, has never been fired. Asking $1,500 shipped

Send Inquiries for info and pictures to Little River Kid, email:

Pair of Smoke Wagons Deluxe model case hardened
.357/.38 calibre, 4.75 inch – brand new never fired
$2,000 firm + shipping or pick up

S&W MP 9mm range kit new never fired
$600 firm + shipping or pick up

EMT to address above

Ruger new model Blackhawk, blued
.357/9mm with 2 cylinders, 2 sets of grips (black and mahogany)
New, never fired, photos available

Contact Luc at

Custom made gun/ammo belt for waist 52″ to 56″.
High grade unit with engraved silver buckle, silver tip & decorations.
Black with 20 round .38 cal loops, four 12 ga. double loops (8 rnds) and 8 single 12 ga. loops.
This is a quality made unit with 2″ wide x 1/4″ thick leather
Excellent condition.
Selling for $100.

Contact: Indian Frank

Single holster black Buscadero Belt with basket weave stamping.
Fits full size single action but has .22 cal bullet loops.
Good condition, approx. 44 waist $100.

Contact Ted 905 877 2656

GSG “1911” Standard semi-automatic pistol in 22 LR
5 in. barrel, includes 3 mags
Excellent condition, great shooter. Just have too many toys in the safe.
Retail $450 will sell for $350

Ruger 22/45, Bull Barrel 5.5 in., Blue, black polymer grips, model 10107, new in box
never fired, 2 magazines. Retail $475 will sell for $375.

2 JR Carbines – one .40 and one .45ACP.
Black, 20″ barrels.
Takes Glock mags – comes with one each.
Telescoping stocks, full picatinny rail, foldable vertical fore grips included.
Excellent condition, test fired with less than 50 rounds through each.
Retail over $1,000 each – will sell for $700 each.
You won’t find them cheaper than this. Can be seen at Select Shooting Supplies in Cambridge

Contact: Bear Butte 416 565 3199

Matching pair of Ruger Blackhawks in .30 Carbine.
Consecutive serial numbers (special order from Ruger). Revolvers are brand new and unfired.
Come with original Ruger boxes and cardboard shipping boxes.

Adjustable sights, 7-1/2″ barrels.
Shoot .30 Carbine or for a more traditional western caliber I have been told they will also work with 32/20 (or .32 H&R Magnum) with soft lead .311 bullets or necked down to
.309 with alloy lead bullets. YMMMV. $1,599.00 shipped for the pair.
For photos or any questions contact Major Regret at

Pietta 1873 single action 22 LR, Blue Black finish, 5.5” barrel 2 piece walnut grips, 10 shot cylinder.
Asking $499

Contact: Rusty Ranger at 905-295-8364 or

One Ruger new model Blackhawk 357/38spl 4 5/8″ barrel, after market grips, exc condition with a little holster wear $495.00
Double fancy holster rig new $225.00 and a single holster $55.00 OBO
email Ben Madill for pic’s

I have a set of cowboy guns in 44 Remington Magnum calibre.
Two Single action Ruger Bisley Super Blackhawk Revolvers with 7 1/2″ barrels, Ruger orignal grips or custom grips, consecutive serial numbers, & in original boxes.
These guns are in excellent condition (90 to 95%) with pictures available on request. Call for price.

Golden Knight (Ron McKay) or 519-753-3610

Shoulder holster rig, fits Colt SSA and all 1873 Colt clones and the Ruger New Vaquero. Chest size 40″ to 45″ but I can make chest straps to accommodate 35″ up to 55″.

I can make holsters 4-3/4, 5-1/2″ or 7- 1/2″ to fit the following:

Ruger Single Six .32
Uberti Junior P .38
1851 Colt Navy
1860 Colt navy
Including all Conversions of these pistols

All Colts and Colt Clones 1.e Uberti Army .45, Cimarron SA Army .45, AWA Peacekeeper, USFA .45, New Model Ruger
Ruger Vaquero, Ruger Blackhawk .45, Ruger Old Army .44, Ruger Bisley. Hawes Western, Marshall .45,
1858 Remington, 1875 Remington

Shoulder Holster rig – $195.00 plus shipping, Holster prices vary depending gun and add-ons. E-mail Cliff Young at corcliff@telus.netfor photos.

1975 30-30 Winchester Model 94. There is no rust anywhere on it.
Last time used was in 1984. Require PAL information. asking $700.00 or best offer.
Contact Robert Nelson

Third generation colt SAA.Nickel plated 7.5 in. bbl 44spl.very rare cal. engraved on back strap by master engraver Jim Downing W b S Earp, great shooter, very accurate, action tuned to perfection for cowboy action….$2500.00
Contact Wyatt aka David Llewelyn 1-226-268-2721

– New – 1873 Uberti “New Model” SA .357 Magnum/.38 Special Stainless,5.5″ – $675
– New – Oklahoma Leather Deluxe Cartridge Belt .38/.357 40 loops, large (fits size 43-48), $50.00

I can be contacted either by e-mail: or at 519-371-5212

– Churchill-Chapin double barrel shotgun made in Italy has nice scrolling on the receiver. The gun is 12 gauge and the barrel length is 28’ full and modified. $600
Call for details

Don 1-519-688-4170

.45-75 Reloading Dies

These dies are CH-4D. They are made to load cartridges for the Uberti 1876s with the larger chamber. Later Uberti and original Winchester 1876s had a smaller chamber. Price includes a RBCS shell holder but not shipping. Send me your postal code and I will send you the total costs. Brand new the dies sell for $115 US.

.45-75 WCF CH-4D Dies…….$85

Email me at:

Cap & Ball Uberti 1860 Army 44 with a walnut & brass buttstock and all the stuff, leather mould extra cylinder. thanks Frank 905 873-4028 $600.00

Custom Built Campbell .38 calibre Police Pistol Combat Revolver #28

Complete with Wichita Variable (adjustable click) sights
– Custom under barrel weight
– Hogue Mono Grips
– Trigger stop (for smooth trigger pull)
– Also included PPC Ammo Case
– Numerous speed loaders
– Loader belt pouches
– “Safariland” PPC Speed holster & belt
– Carrying Case for Pistol

Complete Package $850.00

Phone Blind Eagle (416)-622 5785

Two Gun Carts For Sale. Pics available on request.
1-Three wheel with folding frame (20 inch detachable wheels), two locking compartment wooden box and two scabbards for long guns. Add more if you want. ($125)
2-Golf cart (Browning Bag Boy Classic) with oak attachments for three long guns and ammo. Very compact. ($65)

– Safari Arms Ltd. Hawkens .50 cal caplock muzzleloader – $400

-Armi San Marco SAA Hartford CT Model .45 Colt with 4.75 inch barrel. 1st generation Colt replica with screw cylinder pin retainer. Ken Soucie action job. Excellent condition. $500.00

Lyman Bullet Mould 490 DX 1C Round Ball $35

Black Powder Cap & Ball Revolvers
Armi San Marco 1860 Colt .44 cal with original EMF box as new ($300)
Pietta 1851 Colt .44 cal in good condition ($250)

Contact: Snuffy Dave Edwards (AKA David Blakney)

1976 LITTLE BIG HORN CENTENNIAL 44-40 cal. 11350 mfg.

Engraved bright gold receiver, 7th Cavalry brand & medallion in stock, 20″ round barrel. I am asking $750.00

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Len Perdic 905 320-7123


Looking for an Uberti Cattleman in .45LC
5 1/2″ barrel, will consider 4 3/4″
Looking for the V’d rear sight groove (not the flat groove)
Contact Cayuse King 905 765 5475

Looking for a .308 Win T/C Encore barrel. First choice silver but will consider blued.
Contact WB (Ed Simms) 902 890 2310 or

Looking for .351 WSL brass, bullets and dies
Contact Major 647-284-3855

Looking for a Ruger Vaquero
.44 Mag, 4 5/8″ barrel

I am looking for a High wall, or Sharps, or Rolling block rifle
in .40-65 wcf.
contact Sean Kenny directly by email

I would like to purchase a Ruger Vaquero stainless 357, with 4 5/8″ barrel. Please contact Grey Owl at

Thompson Center. 32 caliber muzzleloader….contact Major 289-396-6847

Uberti 1866 yellowboy in 45 Long Colt. Prefer a 20 inch or shorter octagonal barrel.
Barrie, Ontario

I am looking for a .45 colt rifle 92 style real Win or any clone Rossi etc or Marlin in any condition but repairable!
Contact David Ormored aka Kick Ass Mule

Ruger Vaquero, 357/38Spec.

Contact (800) 721-3109 0r

Marlin Model 410 – .410 lever action shotgun
Marlin 45 acp Camp Carbine
Marlin 9mm Camp Carbine

CONTACT – Jeff Weaver (Dismal Trader) at 705-653-6121

Looking for Uberti lever action 66 or carbine in 45 Colt

Contact: Brian W. McHolm, Email: or Telephone: (306) 230-9200

Looking for Marlin in .357, must be pre-Remington, in good working order. Please contact me via email at: